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The Walking Dead, A Telltale Game

Summary With civilization at an end you might think that the time to be civilized is also over. However, the choices you make do not only have the power to change what happens to you, but the future of those see you make them…even if their future is filled with zombies. In this week’s Side…More

Pro-LEW-fic feat. Lew Temple

Summary While there have been a number of athletes that find themselves in the arts, few can say they found the level of success as Lew Temple, even if the characters he plays seem to die too soon. Welcome to season one episode 37 of Digital Dissection: A Nerd Podcast!  Today, Mark has a one…More

The On Screen Deaths of Lew Temple

Summary The portrayal of death on screen can often be senseless, brutal, cruel, or even meaningful.  No matter how it’s been used to move a story forward, there are two actors who have been struck down on screen more than most; and one of them goes by the name Lew Temple. On today’s Side Stitches,…More


Summary In 2010, between entries of the Dark Knight Trilogy, Christopher Nolan directed a film he had been planning for decades.  A film that made us wonder if our thoughts were actually ours and made us marvel at the complexities of our own minds; to the point where we are still talking about this movie…More


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